Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Goodness and Lessons of French Quiche

So that quiche I made on Monday? Man was it good. I may never eat an American quiche again. That hard egg-ness to them is such a waste of calories when instead I could be eating the silky, custardy goodness of a French quiche. I'll admit mine wasn't quite Thomas Keller quality (but really, how many things in this life are?), but for a home cook it was darn tasty. Even better, in the process of wrestling with it (yes, I prodded it gently sometimes, but there were other times when it needed to be wrestled into submission) I learned a few things about how I like to cook. I rarely follow recipes to a tee because I think real life sometimes needs adjustments and I like to be a bit instinctual and experimental when I cook because I have more fun that way. And at the end of a meal, what I care about is that I've felt good making and eating it and that my guests feel great too!


  1. man, doesn't feel amazing to produce something so restaurant quality?!?

  2. Yes, it felt sooooo good! And it tasted even better :)