Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeding My Dream

I'm happy to report that I filmed a little cooking segment today (hoorah!) after having taken some time off to focus on culinary school and working at the restaurant La Ciccia. I am also happy to report that I recently graduated from culinary school and filmed a cooking show pilot, two lifelong dreams of mine. Looking back on the last year, I feel really darn proud that I took the leap.

And so, as I get back into the groove of doing regular videos for you, I'm calling this next chapter, Feeding My Dream. It's all about my leaving corporate America to do what I love - cook, eat and be happy. So far so good, but there's lots more for me to learn and do. In culinary school I learned lots about cooking, but even more about myself. And I found out that I'd much rather live my life on my terms, even if it's on uncertain ground, than go to a job I'm not totally psyched about.

Feeding My Dream is about my learning to cook, learning to be happy and figuring out how to build my life around these things. As you'll see from my new videos (starting next week!), I've learned a bunch, but I'm not nearly anywhere close to being done. So I hope you'll follow me on this great ride, learn with me, cook and eat some really tasty food, and maybe even figure out your dream along the way.