Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I had my first oyster about two years ago and fell in love. I think they are perfect - raw, salty, tasty and they go perfectly with a variety of white wines, beers and crisp afternoons. I usually get my oysters at Hyde Street Seafood and Oyster House in SF, which has a killer happy hour special. And Marshall's Store, up in Pt Reyes is the perfect out of town spot for them.

Last week I was on Long Island with college friends though and we shucked some oysters from their neighbor's oyster farm! Some might say that I was so terrible at shucking that I don't deserve to eat them, but I'll beg for forgiveness and happily pay or plead to have them shucked for me. Does that make me an oyster amateur?

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  1. Was at Marshall's yesterday for the first time. Amazing.