Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I’ll admit that though I think SF has some of the best raw food ingredients around, I sometimes think the restaurants here are overrated. Not Chez Panisse Café though – if it were around the corner from me I’d go every week, for real.

Here are a few reasons I love it:

Their food is GOODE…no, it’s great really – check out the squid they cooking in their wood brick oven in an already scorching pan…mixed with chick peas , pepper and a light sauce that had the come-back taste my mom loves

Their wine list is extensive and varied, but still manages to be simple and approachable

Their servers are lovely – they’re not only kind, but it’s obvious they are in love with everything they’re serving

The atmosphere is low key, but special - perfect for a date, dinner with family, or a Tuesday night with a great friend

It’s a steal for what you get – OK, I’m not saying it’s cheap, but there’s nothing I hate more than paying over $20 for an entree and it being mediocre

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